TASTE IN - MEDITERRANEAN FOOD (homemade style & authentic)
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All plates are served with hummus dip, salad, rice and pita bread.
All of our meats are *HALAL*
Mixed Grilled Kebab 
A combination of grilled lamb cubes, chicken tenders (tawuok) and kefta (ground lamb and vegetables) served with homemade garlic sauce.

Char-Broiled Cornish Game Hen  (Mediterranean Flavor)
Served with grilled seasonal veggies, and homemade garlic sauce.

Lamb Kebab Cubes Char Broiled OR Sauteed with Green Spicy Sauce. Served with grilled veggies and homemade garlic sauce. 

Lamb Shawarma from vertical broiler
Thinly  sliced lamb served with home fried potatoes and homemade garlic sauce.

Moroccan Chicken
Half a chicken oven baked with ginger, garlic, parsley, onions, parsley, salt and pepper.

Sauteed  Chicken Ginger
Curry and fresh ginger flavored chicken with mushrooms and green cabbage.

Kefta Kebab 
A mixture of ground lamb and vegetables served with grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes and homemade garlic sauce.

Chicken OR Beef Shawarma from vertical broiler
Thinly sliced chicken with homemade garlic sauce and fried potatoes.

Chicken Kebab (TAWUOK)
Grilled (white meat) chicken cubes served with grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes and homemade garlic sauce.

Lamb or Chicken Gyros (thinly sliced meat)
Served with grilled onions, tomatoes & peppers dressed with tahina sauce & yogurt cucumber.
Vegetarian Falafel Balls
A mixture of ground garbanzo beans and vegetables with tahini dressing.
Sauteed Chicken Kebab with fresh fruits
with mango, orange, apples, banana and finished with garlic sauce.


Tender Boneless Lamb Shanks Platter
with your choice of:
(grilled veggies and beans. OR Homemade Yogurt) 

Tender juicy fresh Char Broiled Lamb Chops                                                  $21.99
served with grilled veggies.

Fresh Grilled Salmon with grilled veggies
 served with green vegetables sauce over rice.

Lebanese Style Thin Beef Steak with round cut potatoes and garlic lemon sauce$21.99

Sauteed Chicken Kebab w/homemade fresh Mango Sauce                          $16.99

Sauteed Chicken kebab w/ garlic lemon milk sauce.                                  $15.99
     OR Spicy Green vegetables Sauce.

Mediterranean Style baked Chicken                                                      $15.99
1/2 size chicken marinated with fresh herbs.

Chicken Meat Balls Stew with Vegetables.                                                     $12.99

Lamb & Beef Meat Balls Stew w/ vegetables.                                      

Grilled Lamb  Kefta (ground lamb meat w/sesame tahini sauce)            $15.99

Grilled Chicken Kefta (ground chicken meat w/ fresh spices.                $15.99
with tomato garlic sauce.
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